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Training Agents

Train an Apprentice

An employer wishing to train apprentices must be approved as a registered training agent with the RE-JATC. The employer must take all steps necessary to see that each apprentice works under the supervision of a competent, licensed person.

See below for the list of training agents (employer partners) registered to train apprentices under this program

Essential Documents

Files for Download

Program Standards

Training Agent Registration Agreement

Training Agent Application

EEO Requirements for Training Agents

BCD Review Form

Ratio Verification Form

Registered Training Agents

Employer Partners

Portland Region:  A&R Solar, Blue Raven Solar, Elemental Energy, Green Ridge Solar, Neil Kelly, Power Northwest, Premier Solar NW, Sunbridge Solar, Sunlight Solar, Sunthurst Energy, Synchro Solar, Tesla Energy, 

Cascade Solar, Imagine, Nationwide Solar

Corvallis Region: Abundant Solar

Eugene Region: Solar Assist, Energy DesignAlternative Energy Systems, Oregon Solar Clean

Southern Oregon: Purelight Power, True South Solar, Oregon Solar Works, Sunshine Solar

Central Oregon:  Abney Solar Electrix, E2 Solar, Sunlight Solar, Pure Light Power, 

Enterprise Electric, Horizon, Linkus, National Solar

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